Hitachi UAH
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      Hitachi UAH
  Hitachi Zosen of Japan is one of the developers of Umm Al Houl Power Plant aimed to boost Water production by 136.5 Million Gallons of Water daily and Electricity of 2,520 Megawatts. Hitachi has chosen DEBAJ as its Electro-Mechanical construction contractor for Desalination Plant.

DEBAJ mechanical and electrical work scope includes :

Installation of ;

   Desalination crane

    Utility Sea Water Strainer



    Brine Heater

    Brine recirculation pump

    Blowdown pump, Distillate pump, Condensate pump

    Seawater recycle pump, Barrel drain pump, pump pit sump pump, Cable trench drain pump, process drain pumps

    1st & 2nd Injectors

    Hogging ejector


    CO2 compressors, seal water pump, heat exchanger, Water Separator

    Sponge ball tube cleaning system

    Chemical dosing system

    Closed Cooling Water system

    Electrical & Instrument installation

    Metallic and GRP Piping

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