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  DEBAJ has been awarded the Electrical & Mechanical Replacement of GT1 & GT2, Refurbishment of GT3, 4 & 5 and installation of new GT6 Plant from Qatar Petrochemical Company, Qatar.

DEBAJ mechanical and electrical work scope includes :

Mechanical and Electrical installation of ;

    Dismantling, transportation, offloading of existing GTG # 1 & 2, Turbine Generator, auxiliaries, air intake, exhaust system up to Waste Heat recovery boiler inlet.

    Erection of new GTG Units # 1 & 2 complete with related equipments

    Erection of new GTG Unit # 6 complete with related requirements

    Refurbishment of GTG # 3, 4 & 5 Units

    Fabrication and installation of Piping

    Installation of Electrical Equipments

    Laying , glanding, termination of MV,LV , Control cables & Power Cables

    Installation of cable ways, conduits

    Instrumentation and control system

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